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-It’s Been a Minute-

I teased the title of the post a couple entries down. Maybe you got it maybe you didn’t. Well It’s basic, there’s the “has beens” “the nows” “the hots” the nots” “the trends” “the one hitters” and so on and so on. But how many can stand the test, take the beat downs by the media, by there once fans and friends all the while still progress still stay on top and bring new things to the table?

I had this thought the other day and the first person that comes to mind is JP Walker. He has accomplished more in snowboarding than, well… Anyone.

So here is a small throw back to something seemingly very simple. But… ya know what they say about a stupid man making simple things complicated, well JP and Nose presses have NOT been that! Quite the opposite really. Keeping it simple, easy, very steezy and creating a timeless look to match a now timeless trick. JP’s Nose press remains the same for 15 years in the business and still can’t be matched.

JP Walker Nosepress: Muller Park (RIP): Circa, back before you were born

-You have been nose pressing for a minute! Is there a right and wrong way to nose press?

I just like them pressed up super good and straight over the rail. Most everyone seems to do them right these days. Back in the early days peeps were banging them out a lot or just posing it with the upper body. Now all the new technology makes it a lot easier. Digital video review and a reverse camber board has helped a lot or peeps get ‘em proper

Switch Nosepress some 15 years later: Ogden Utah

-It seems that even with the new genie coming up, your nose press can always (at it’s worst) match “the new kids”. Why do you think that is?

Thanks bro, Probably just like ridden a bike. One you put the time in to learn something like that its hard to forget it.

one to slow down between the Books covers, JP fills the middle chapters with a beastie switch back nose in MN.

-15 years deep in a Pro career will you change your press to fit the “trend” or just keep what you got?

I’m good with what I got i think. I like regular or flat camber boards i learned it that way and can still do it so why change if its not broken

Dude!! Your a Beast!! Much Respect!