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You probably hate Jeremy Jones. But the reason isn't because he's always at the center of controversial topics or has views or comments that may occasionally ruffle your feathers. No, it's something else. Even if you agree with him 100% of the time you still probably hate him. Why? He's one of those guys that kills it at everything he does. I've witnessed it first hand for more than 15 years.

He could have been a pro skater, he could lace up a mean jam on a guitar, photo and video skills are a given and building motorcycles is as natural as taking in a breath of air. No training, no lessons, no classes. Just pure talent. Then there is his snowboarding, but using this small space for a few sentences to incapsulate Jeremy Jones and his impact on snowboarding would be an insult. Instead, imagine he never graced snowboarding with his skills and went a different direction all together. Somewhere that would have undoubtedly earned him the same, if not more, accolades than he has accumulated throughout his snowboarding.

Without Jeremy, snowboarding would be unfathomable. I'm glad he chose to ride. Had Jeremy of focused on something other than snowboarding only then would you have a legitimate reason to hate him. We would have been deprived of so much. Thanks for helping make something that I love that much better.